Monday, November 19, 2018

kordal-akomanga-my classroom

A couple months ago we were working on a Maori google slide. but know we tieing up our loose ends by continuing on the slide we were working in the past, 

Friday, November 16, 2018


Kevin was an interesting human being. He’d all was off to strange looking places. Once he went into a nearby house that looked like a haunted house sometimes people would think he possessed by something dangerously overpowered. Something that can change the small town of Carnavale. So we thought we would send in a couple of ghost busting crews only because we haven't seen Kevin in a couple of hours. Time flew by quickly the Ghostbuster crew hasn't come out in a day I thought I’d better check it out. I opened the nosey door wondering if I've allowed the entity feed on my soul I’d better make this fast before I get eaten by something unimaginable that nobody wants to lay their eyes on, that suddenly reminds me that one of the crew members said if we don't make it out in a day we've been devoured from a dangerous beast. I clicked I had to get out of there I smash straight into the closing door I try opening it but it was impossible I tried using a broken pole for a battering ram but instead, I stab it straight into my leg I was begging for mercy I just wanted to get out. I thought I should stay for the night it was a mistake!!TO BE CONTINUDED/UPDATED...

Thursday, November 8, 2018


I hope you enjoy my chipp poster it took a lot of
hard work figuring out what to put in my 
poster, hope you enjoy my elaborated work.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Why we shouldn't celebrate Halloween

WALT:we have been learning to make posters with whea donna. i have been working on dis for quite a while and i hope ou enjoy my poster.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Te karuru camp roller coaster


As we safely got off the invader. We wanted to go on the roller coaster we lined up my body wasn't ready for this literally we were strapped in as i look at a loop I  wanted to get off but to late we started moving clank clank clank the roller coaster reaches its final stop swoosh we dropped ahhhh I screamed i'm going to have nightmares for the rest of my life fwoosh we went around the loop my guts fall straight into my head we go upside down while spinning i think i'm going to throw up my  stomach twists i'm going to faint skrrrrt we finally come to a end im begging to get off I ran to grab my gear and run straight out i'm never going roller coaster again! when we finally came to a stop i
i hated the feeling when my guts when into my head                             was revealed

Friday, September 21, 2018

STEAM reflections.

STEAM - TERM 3 - Coding (Snap4Arduino) and Arduino BoardsIn Term 3, the students have been continuing their STEAM learning using the STEAM Electronics kits. They have been learning how to block code using the program Snap4Arduino. The purpose of this learning has been for the students to control one or more LED lights on an electronic arduino board using code. Each week the coding expectation increased and the students showed perseverance in achieving successful outcomes!
Learning Goal 1. To make an LED blink off/on by controlling voltage from 0V to 5V by programming the Arduino.
Learning Goal 2.  To change the speed of blinking to such a high rate that the LED appears to be dimmer.
Learning Goal 3. To make the LED fade on and off by varying the voltage

2018 - Term 3 STEAM - ‘Coding and Arduino Boards’ Reflective Questions What was I learning and why? we were learning how to code in varieties of ways and we also put those coding skills to the  test and used a very fun website called it was a tough coding website but we need that sort of thing to learn hot to make our robot!

What did I do well and how do I know?        i think i did well at the coding part because i got every detail right and only had a couple of mistakes here and there but i know i did well because most of my coding worked and made the leds go of it was very satisfying to watch 

What challenged me ……? most of the coding like the breadboard wiring and connecting and even the draft breadboard was a struggle to build. most struggling thing was team work with some of my previous partners 

What would I do differently next time to make my learning more successful ….. ? i would ask for the steam kit  so i can help more and i would stay with my partner. and i would fix my mistakes.

What have I enjoyed about the learning?           building the breadboard and making the led fade and turn back on.

Friday, August 31, 2018

My google slide animation.

last Friday whea Donna showed us how to animate using google slides.